This is me at a job I started over the spring break.
This is me at a job I started over the spring break.

Image 502Greetings fellow interns, supervisors, and OC staff,

My name is Colton Lundegreen and I am from the one and only Happy, Texas. Over the next few months during the summer, I will be interning mainly through my local Agri-life Extension service. I will be maintaining several projects in both my community and my county. I am active in several community service organizations such as 4-H and FFA. I decided to intern this year through the Ogallala Commons Intern and Apprentice organization for the real life “adult” experience. Also, my passion for agricultural extension is what drove me to the internship.

I hope to gain a greater knowledge for what an Extension Agent does along with other projects within my internship. Early on in life I truly thought that an Extension Agent just helped kids with stock show animals and other county projects. I have found out that they are so much more valuable to our county than just helping kids. On my side of the internship I am finding out how much the projects such as making traps to catch certain insects and doing research to help the farmers yield better crops by seeing how many and what kinds of insects they need to treat for.

After getting the schedule on what my intership will include I also see how much the Extention office does for different organizations in town. We will be feeding inner city kids lunch and helping at the cemetery. Also I may or may not do method demonstration throughout my internship depending on time and location. I am looking forward to all that I am going to learn in this experience and getting to share it with you. I am sorry but my computer is not cooperating with me and I am unable to save and upload my pictures at the moment. Pictures soon to come.

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