By: Laura Russell

My name is Laura Russell. I am a junior majoring in Natural Resource Management at Texas Tech with a concentration in Wildlife Biology. I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas proper so I am used to the city but since I was a kid, I’ve always had a passion for nature and its wonders. I found myself running outdoors whenever I had the chance and picking up small creatures, inspecting plants, and drawing my findings. Sailing, gardening, and photography are just a few of my favorite activities but rarely do I know the people that share the same affection. I feel as though too few appreciate the wonders our planet has to offer nowadays enough to spend quality time in nature. I enjoy learning new information and often post on social media to inform my peers of important news and to teach them of the value our planet holds for our survival and the need to protect it. The only activity I find more fulfilling than that which involves the outdoors is volunteering whether it be with Habitat for Humanity, Girl Scouts as a kid, Animal Shelters, etc. I am always eager to learn and very much enjoy helping the less fortunate as well as teaching my peers and the younger generation.
I am interested in pursuing a Master’s whether it be in Environmental Policy/Law/other, though I am still formulating what I’d like to pursue following graduation and I’d like to dabble in different areas to figure out which suits me best. I have considered environmental consulting of private land and this internship will provide me networking skills and a foundation to handle private land ethics topics.

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