Introducing Sofia Hampton

Sofia Lynne Hampton, Freshman at Butler Community College in Kansas. I’m working towards an associate’s degree in Business Marketing. I was born and raised in the small town of Atwood Kansas. I graduated from Rawlins County High School in May of 2017. Throughout my life the arts have always been and remain my passion. I have practiced many different types of art forms such as, painting, drawing, sewing, design, history, singing, instrumental playing, theatrics, dancing, photography, and cooking. Aside from practicing multiple art forms, I’m constantly looking for a way to help others. This has become a very important path I plan to stick to. I have a few dreams for my future. Currently my first dream is to go to poor areas and teach others how to grow, create, and sell products. Second dream is to be a chef or a restaurant owner. Lastly, I would love to work in the theatrical field, doing something like Bonnie Camron by creating a safe environment for the arts.  With this Internship I can apply myself to the community and be more active which creates contacts for future jobs. It will also allow me to gain experience to put on my resume. I also think I will grow a lot as a person and become extremely responsible and passionate in my work.

I would like my work to help Bonnie Cameron who is Vocal teacher/ Director for the children and adult shows around the North-West Kansas region. She would like to expand her independent theatrical children’s shows in small communities in North West Kansas so that the arts can be represented in that region. I hope to work with her and direct a show in one of surrounding small towns over the summer of 2018. I will be able to focus on the arts in North West Kansas for the Ogallala Commons Internship, which is what I am interested in.

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