Introducing Me

By: Katie Babb

My name is Katie Babb. I grew up in Springfield, Colorado with my mom, dad, and older brother. Springfield lies about 30 miles from the borders of Kansas and Oklahoma. I attended Vilas High School and graduated in the spring of 2020 (unfortunate timing, I know). Currently, I am studying Language Arts Education at Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, Nebraska with the goal of earning my bachelor’s degree in the spring of 2024. I plan to one day become a high school English Language Arts teacher and teach somewhere near my hometown. When I am not at college, I am involved with the Vilas School District. This internship will be my third summer working with them and my second summer in a row working in the Summer Learning Program. I love being able to help with the summer program as it allows me to continue to give back to my community despite not being involved in service organizations as I was in high school. This year, I’ve also been granted more responsibility in the program as it continues to expand, an exciting if not intimidating prospect. I’m looking forward to seeing all of the students I’ll be working with grow and working with teachers whose experiences can help me to shape who I will be as a teacher in the future. This is also my third year working in the Ogallala Commons internship program. I’m looking forward to seeing what I learn in the program this year and working with the Vilas School to continue the education of students.

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