My name is D’Neil Doyle and I am from a small town called Two Buttes, Colorado. We have a population of about 40 people. Two Buttes does not have a school so I attended school in Walsh, Colorado. Walsh has the population of about 525 people and my graduating class had six kids in it. I am the youngest child of three children. I have been raised on a ranch/ farm and enjoy helping out whenever and however I can. I have always had a caring and giving personality and that is a big reason why I want to go into the medical field.

My future plans are at get my Bachelors Degree in Diagnostic Medical Imaging. I held a lot of different leadership positions in high school and really enjoyed it, so a long term career goal for me is to be a Supervisor/ Manager in the Radiology Department. This internship is allowing me to get more experience and knowledge about what Radiology/ Ultrasound Techs do on a daily basis. Most people that have just graduated from high school do not get the chance to actually see what their future job will entail. I am so fortunate that I get the opportunity to gain some of the skills and knowledge needed for my future career.

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