Internship Summary

This summer I completed a 100 hour internship at the Caprock Public Library here in Quitaque, Texas. Most of my time at the library this summer consisted of a number of projects. These projects include: Covering and labeling books, putting series labels on books, shuffling books to make more room for new books, organizing books by their author and series, weeding and deleting books from the library’s system using a site called “Work Flows”, and helping with the kid’s summer reading program, and the story time for the younger kids. My main success this year was being able to keep everything at a steady pace while completing the tasks that needed to be done. My main challenges this summer were: reaching high shelves in some categories, weeding books at times, and also shuffling books that were in tight spaces. I have learned multiple skills in my internship this summer. This year I was more open and communicative than last year. I brought up my struggles that I had with work and I proceeded to carry on after the problem was solved. I also bettered my skills in multitasking and had completed multiple jobs at once. For my community service this year, I worked at The Cluttered Closet which is our local thrift store in town. I organized the clothes on the racks to make sure that they were in their correct sizes. I also wiped down all the shelves in the front rooms. I also did some volunteering at the High Plains Food Bank for the remaining of my community service hours. One goal I achieved during my internship was becoming a more volunteering person. Growing up I was shy and wasn’t known to be around a lot of people, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve volunteered more and more. Throughout my internship, I have become more responsible and more communicative in my community. This internship has lively impacted me because it has taught me to be more as a leader and not a follower, doing things the right way, and also how to better my communicative skills and that its okay to come out of your shell. I would say that the outcome of my internship came out just the way I wanted it to. I have learned more than I have ever known working this internship and have accomplished a number of goals while doing so.

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