“Interning” it up in Northeast Colorado!

My very first Ogallala Commons Internship is off to a stellar start! The primary focus throughout my internship has been marketing. I have been learning how to appeal to different demographics, as well as how to operate different graphic design programs. I am currently shadowing the marketing director of our local hospital, Julia Biesemeier, as well as Sara Firme, who is our local Chamber of Commerce director.


Posting in our Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook Group!


I have been formulating several different marketing campaigns for the hospital, such as a new and improved swing bed program! I have designed an infographic educating our community about the program, and an informative video is currently in the works!

Swing Bed Infographic!


Our local Chamber of Commerce organizes an annual “Old Fashioned Saturday Night” and I was put in charge of advertising for the event. I have designed several flyers, save-the-dates and registration forms! After designing and printing out the flyers, I walked around downtown to distribute them to the businesses.

Logo I designed!


I have set several goals for myself throughout this internship, involving communication, networking, and leadership. As I am interning for two widely different organizations, I will continue to have many opportunities to achieve these goals. The main goal I am focusing on is communication. Communication is an area in which I struggle, so I have been making a conscious effort to better communicate with my fellow interns and my supervisors. Secondly, I am focusing on networking. Attending meetings with my supervisors has helped me network with the adults in my community. Finally, I have been polishing my leadership qualities by encouraging my peers to apply for an internship next year!

About to go hang up flyers!




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