Identifying Community Commonwealth Assets

First off, I will start by stating that the community I am doing my internship in is Plainview, TX. Plainview might not seem like much passing through but it has more to offer than most think. First asset I will provide is from the category: education. Wayland Baptist is located in Plainview which provides jobs for the community, education for students and also leisure & recreation by providing sports games for the community to watch. Second asset is from the category: spirituality. There are many churches in Plainview but the one I attend is First Baptist Church where I have met some great people as well as spent my Sunday mornings. Third is leisure and recreation… example being the Plainview Country Club which has a pool and a golf course. I have played golf here a few times as it is a nice course with a low fee to play. Fourth and most important to me goes with the categories: foodshed, soil & mineral cycle, and water cycle. This asset example would be all of the crops around the Plainview area. So far as a crop scout, I have looked at sunflowers, grain sorghum, black eyed peas, cotton, corn, and seed milo. Some of these crops provide food for humans/animals and some put clothes on our backs but they are also important for the environment. Of course it takes water to grow these crops so it is important for these farmers to utilize the water resources available to them wisely and responsibly. These assets listed above can be valuable to the community by bringing jobs, recreation, money, a sustainable environment and most of all; people to contribute to the success of Plainview.


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