Haxtun’s 12 Key Assets of Commonwealth

By: Alyssa Bullock

The community of Haxtun Colorado shows a strong sense of unity and generosity. Haxtun Colorado is an amazing example of all the 12 Key Assets of Commonwealth. First off Haxtun chose spirituality throughout the first number of churches in our community. My community has around eight different churches that all support one another and bring the whole town together as one. Secondly, this community is really deeply in a vast amount of history.

For example, the first pioneer of Haxtun was Charlie Erickson in the late 1890s but wasn’t founded until July 30, 1909. Next Haxtun has An amazing hospital called Haxtun Health, which is where I’m currently interning at. Another key asset of commonwealth in my community Is education. Haxan has one small school which includes an elementary all the way to high school. Haxtun school Has a great variety of sports and an amazing educational staff. The wildlife and the natural world and Haxtun includes steers, fox, cows, horses, and many other animals. Haxtun has just gained a few windmills which helped produce renewable energy. For leisure and recreation, Haxtun has a park and a community pool.

The locker plant and Haxtun Supers are examples of food sheds in this community. The annual Old Fashion Saturday Night and Corn Fest show culture and tradition in Haxtun. Accent also she has a great sense of place by encouraging and having a family-like community. The water cycle in this community mostly consists of rain. Finally, the soil and mineral cycle consists of farming and crops. All of these key assets of commonwealth have affected the past by making her sound how it currently is. These will increase Haxan by growth and modernization in the future.

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