Great Updates

Hello Everyone!

I am back with my second blog with an update to what I have been doing for the first part of my internship! It has been quite exciting to be working through real-world experiences of a marketing internship and the various aspects of it. My main task is to advertise the Main Street Summer Theater Festival. Main Street Arts Council made it this Festival possible. This festival gives children in rural areas a chance to experience the arts. I have many varying objectives for each week, including creating flyers for each performance, posting social media posts everyday of each of the performers, and working on creating what is becoming a 45 page program including each of the performances, ads, and special thanks to members that participate in donating to Main Street Arts Council. Since I am a remote intern, it is impressive how communication differs than when working a regular face-to-face job.

I have been able to redefine and refocus my communication goals that we discussed at the internship retreat in Texas. I found it challenging, in the beginning, to communicate with my supervisor when I had questions about what I was working on. There were many times that I would be working on a project late at night and felt as if it would not be the best to contact him. I also felt out of touch in the beginning with the organization because I was so far away. My goal of communication changed to becoming closer to my organization and finding better times to communicate with them. I am now not only in contact with my supervisor and more confident in messaging my supervisor when I have a question, but also more confident in reaching out to the other interns they are working with to get the information I need from them as well. It has been an enjoyable experience. Thank you, Main Street Arts Council, for helping me grow my communication skill!

Below, I have provided one picture that shows the Facebook page, and another showing the headshot I had to take of myself for the Show Program that has an interns section.

Facebook page of Main Street Arts Council.
The Headshot I had to take for the show program!

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