Giving Back

              Part of the thing that was asked of us in doing the internship is some sort of community service that benefits the area or town we are in. It was a bit of a thought process to figure out something that I can give back to my community but as well as figuring something that I would enjoy and grab something in return. It was a long process where I looked and there are countless opportunities through out the town but nothing that stood out for me.

              It was ironic the way it came onto my lap, I was looking at opportunities and there were plenty of them around. There were countless at the time, with the churches Jamaica around the corner and at this moment Hart days being this weekend there are ample of opportunities. None of them really stood out to me that gave me a way to enrich myself and the community around me. Yes with the Jamaica I can help the local church and contribute to one of the key assets, as well as help set up for our local Hart Days. In a way Hart days does enrich the community by bringing some much needed income to the town but it really didn’t give me some thing back in return to help in the future.

              When I couldn’t decide on something another opportunity was sent through a phone call. I was asked by the local high school coach if I could help run the camp and help where I would be needed. I said yes and I was ecstatic when given that opportunity. It is a profession that I am beginning to get into and getting to learn and observe from some of the best in the business in the coaches from Wayland Baptist University. It was a great experience for me to be in to find a manner to enrich me as well as give back to some youngsters that wanted to learn the game of basketball. It showed me ways to educate to show me methods on how to get in touch with youngsters and how much they are the future in our communities and world.  

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