Partner With Ogallala Commons


  • Attend an OC event, field day, or a Zoom Meeting
  • Network or build connections with fellow citizens/residents — Have a follow-up conversation after attending an OC event.
  • Volunteer in your community or area — Help out at an OC Youth E-Fair.
  • Tell your own story to others — Share your journey and insights with a younger person or a colleague.



  • Host an OC Community Intern or Apprentice in your town or business.
  • Serve on an investor team/interview team for OC Youth E-Fair.
  • Join a civic or service organization in your community or region.
  • Invest in an OC Community Internship or Apprenticeship.
  • Inform a nonprofit organization serving your region about OC.
  • Donate to an OC event or to our Annual Appeal.