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Get to Know Me- Blog 1

Hi! My name is Emily Gamble and I am from Silverton, Texas. I just completed my Sophomore year of high school at Silverton ISD and am eagerly looking forward to being a Junior next year. I have one younger sister, so I really like being the boss. I am passionate about my schoolwork and extracurricular activities. My main interests and hobbies are 4-H, Yearbook, TAFE, FCCLA, HTYA, and I love to babysit. Silverton is an Ag related community and so is my family. Since I have grown up in 4-H, I am pursing a future career as a County Extension Agent. Even though agriculture is an important part in my life I am looking to be on the Family and Community Health side. I knew right away that this was the job I wanted after helping my County Agent with the younger kids at a 4-H program. I think that this internship will help me with my future career by learning more about what duties are involved. This could be an extremely beneficial opportunity for me to establish myself and get the resources I need to become successful. Not only do I think that this internship can benefit me in the long run, but I also think that it could help me develop myself and open me up to meeting new people.

The Group I went to the retreat with.

I had so munch fun at the retreat and cannot wait to see where this internship and the people who I will meet help me become an overall ample person.