Francine’s 2017 OC Introduction

Hello all and welcome to my introduction blog for my Ogallala Common’s 2017 Internship.

I would like to start off with who I am, my name is Francine R. Richards, or Frankie for short, and my internship is based at my hometown of Pine

Ridge Indian Reservation across South Dakota. I am a 21 year old Oglala Lakota that is working on AA degree in Nursing and pursues work around my community as mentor and youth facilitator with University Colorado Denver.  I revolve my goals and dreams on seeking higher education and holistic health & wellness.

I find progress for myself and community being apart of Ogallala Commons. I am one out two interns for the Pine Ridge Reservation that values youth engagement and community develop

Part of internship is sharing experiences that started out with meeting other interns. Tiana and I stay close in touch from one reservation to another

ment as common resources and am enlightened sharing the experiences with the internship and present outcomes of the whole journey.



Me and Marsha J.; The two Ogallala Commons intern of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation 2017


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