Food Distribution in Pratt!

Pratt, KS holds a food drive each month at their community center and I had the privilege of helping them out this past Wednesday. Like many other rural communities, there are a number of citizens with a myriad of reasons for needing genuine assistance.

That is where the fine people at the Pratt Community Center come in. The leaders of the team were extremely familiar and organized with how to best distribute the considerable amounts of frozen foods, foodstuffs, juices, eggs, and other goods to the many citizens, some more grateful and appreciative than others.

For the most part, however, the citizens who come through the line realize how selfless this is of both the people who donate their time, and also how beneficial it is to live in a community where the less fortunate aren’t left to their own devices to deal with feeding themselves and/or their family. A societal safety net for many members of the community is all that prevents them from hitting rock bottom.

Going forward I intend to help out with similar causes down the road. Knowing you helped to perpetuate a month of food for someone struggling to keep afloat is, from a hedonistic perspective, rewarding. But if you remove yourself from the situation, the good being done is undeniable, and life-saving.

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