First few Days!

My internship this summer will be brought to life at Covenant Hospital Plainview. I am super excited to be working in Plainview! First of all because I am now one year in to nursing school and I know a bit more about how everything works and I can put the skills I have used forward to start helping people. Second, Plainview is only 27 miles away from my hometown of Hart and I was actually born at the exact hospital 21 years before so I thought that was pretty neat. Lastly, Covenant Plainview is a great hospital, it is small enough that you know everyone and large enough that you get some great experience from people who provided the best care for their patients.

My first day on the job was spent in the Emergency Department. I got to work with one of my best friends from high school who works at the hospital now. She showed me around and made me feel comfortable.  I will get to do more rotations in the ER later but for now I have worked on the medical surgical unit and I have done two days in the intensive care unit. I have gotten to use a few skills I have learned in class and I have used a lot of social skills. All in all, these first few days have been amazing. I am so excited to continue learning from professional nurses while getting awesome hands on experience. The people I work with are so encouraging and keep pushing me to follow my dreams to becoming the best nurse I can be.

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