First Experiences – Round 2

(Reposting since the first one didn’t.)

June 20th

First Experiences

So I have a little bit of experience with social media. I know how Facebook works, and I know how to tweet-tweet on the Twitter machine. Everyone around here has this image that I am the person to go to if you want to get active on social media – but the truth is that coming into this internship I really had no idea what actual content strategy meant, or what an SEO was.

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 7.11.25 AM

My first assignment was to be a sponge. I’ve been hanging out on reading every article I can and absorbing every bit of information on social media marketing and content management I can. It’s a whole other field outside of the art world I’m used to complete with its own jargon vocabulary. One of the most helpful articles I found was 60 Acronyms Every Marketing Pro Should Know. I used this reference to help translate the other articles. Now I know the difference between B2B and B2C (business to business and business to consumer). And SEO means Search Engine Optimization.

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My second project is to basically stalk and research other social media companies. I’ve been studying up on the companies at the top of the food chain as well as local (Texas Panhandle local) companies and will be asking about how they generate strategies and work on projects.

The next project after that one is more community oriented. I’m gathering all the information I can find about local producers, growers, farmers and farmers markets and putting it all together on a blog that acts as an information hub, making it easier for members of the community to know what local foods are available to them. And, judging by the 20 page views spike on the foodshed blog site (that I started to set up yesterday), I’d say my community wants more information about our available food resources.

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