First Experiences

In this internship I am using the opportunity to find out what careers interest me and which ones don’t. Interning at new places is always a good chance to network. Even if you can’t particularly see yourself working at a place in the future you never know what kind of connections you can make from the people who work there. I was able to gain a valuable resource through interning at the City of Tulia during my first week. I was connected with someone who previously worked for a well established cruise liner. I was able to ask them questions I needed answered by someone who knows the hospitality business from the inside. I gained an immensely beneficial insight into the interview process of various cruise ships which gave me the confidence to send my resume a couple businesses involved in hospitality.

My most current project during this summer is giving me the chance to better understand the migration of certain moth species throughout our locale and Texas. I will be focusing on a few different types of moth species by luring them into traps using pheromones and then counting the number present after each week. I will then report the number of moths to my extension agent where he keeps track of all our findings.

I’ve had some noteworthy experiences and encounters since I’ve began three weeks ago. It was very humbling to see the living conditions of the residents who subscribe to our local ‘Meals on Wheels’ service. I never took food for granted but delivering lunch to the less fortunate population of my town opened my eyes to the significance of something I thought was insignificant: a warm meal.

this is the vehicle I used to collect golf balls from the range of my local golf course.
I was able to see what goes on behind the scenes of a pharmacy

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