First Experiences

I am mainly working in the Swisher County Extension Office. So that I can find out what exactly a county extension a does, in order to make a more informed career decision on whether to go county agent route or  Agriscience teacher route. Ogallala Commons internship in Swisher County is slightly different we do not have one project to work on; we go into different businesses and community partners and work with these different entities.  I started the day after our orientation at Kress Elementry Summer School where I learned and built more teaching skills. The first thing I did with extension was put out moth traps for a survey on certain kinds of moths that can affect sweet corn. I collected my first round of data today, what was interesting was there was not much to be found this first week. I have learned a lot about what county extension agents do, they have to have so many trials every year. Trails are a practical research that farmers and producers can see with their own two eyes. I have learned that the trails have to be relevant to your community and producers based in one of the commodities that they grow. I was with the people from Soil Menders Ag and had to help pull samples the reason we do this is to see what the plants are needing from the soil and seeing if they can produce a fertilizer that will help grow the crop most economically and efficiently with the best yields.

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