First Experience at PMC!

The first day of my internship at Parmer Medical Center was… well it doesn’t do it justice, but let’s just say it was AWESOME! It was an experience that strengthened my belief in that I was made to be in the medical field. As soon I got there, time began to fly! I was invited to eat lunch with the staff, yet halfway through it they were going to preform a procedure on a patient. I was feasting on a great Cesar salad when I was asked if I wanted to go see an enema preformed. (For those of you who don’t know what that procedure is, I advise you not to search it on Google while eating lunch.) Yet as they saw I was eating, they said “well maybe we’ll just hold off on this one, you may not have an appetite afterwards.” Little did they know, I’m a guy who’ll eat at anytime throughout the day as well as nothing was going to get in my way from getting a full experience of working in a hospital! So I put down my salad and from there on, I just began to observe and participate in various tasks throughout the day!

In the span of one shift, I was able to help patients from infants to people my age, the elderly, and even my old boss! Cases ranged from pneumonia, dizziness, bruising, cardiac issues, dehydration, and even a car accident. Most the patients I knew, others I didn’t, yet in all regards; I was so glad to be able to help them! I did my best to learn from the staff; taking vitals, blood pressure, changing sheets, moving carts, relaying information, taking care of patients, and doing anything to show I wanted to be there as an asset. I can truly tell you that when I saw that my shift was over, I didn’t want to leave. If I hadn’t had work that night in Canyon, I don’t think I would of!

Honestly, I just want to tell anyone reading this; thank you for allowing me to be a part of this amazing family that is Ogallala Commons and for blessing me with such a great opportunity.

Thank you,

Esdras Rodriguez

.11400962_972046969514722_8461235655800739598_n 11057778_977125245673561_7474603606425389007_n I didn’t get many photos in accordance to following HIPAA procedures and regulations yet here’s the only two I did take!

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