First Experience

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My internship is at Wray Family Dental. My goal is to see what it is like to be working in a dentist office and to gain as much knowledge that I can about the career, and to see what my future will look like being a Dentist.

My first week of working has been great! Everyone I work with has made me feel comfortable and are so willing to help me teach me anything. I have learned so much already, and have done a lot of hands of things. I have been following around a couple of dental assistants at the office. So far they have been teaching me what the responsibilities are to be a dental assistant. For the first couple of days I mainly focused on learning the tools that I will be using, how to clean the dental rooms properly, and setting the rooms up for the next patient. This defiantly has taken a while to catch on to. A couple days ago, I was able to practice taking molds of teeth on another dental assistant that works there also. The whole time that I have been at the dentist, I have payed close attention to what I needed to do to assist the doctor correctly. The following week I was able to assist the doctor. I was nervous to assist at first, but I had so much fun doing it. I still have a lot to learn, but just this past week and a half I have learned so much!

Learning how to do dental impressions.