Final Blog

This summer my internship went by really fast. I really enjoyed this internship and it was a great opportunity to help me become more confident and more willing to talk in front of crowds. In March there was a community meeting to determine if the community should figure out a way to keep a swimming pool of some kind or if there was some other purpose for that space that would still meet one of the original intentions of the donation that funded the pool: that the kids of Campo have a fun place to spend time.  At that meeting the community was split up into groups to put their thoughts together with different ideas. One group had the rec center idea and they had to expand on what all would be in the rec center. I took all the notes made from the community meeting in March and used them to come up with ideas of what to make our old swimming pool into. I talked to most of the individuals that were at the community meeting to get more of their input on the pool plan. They let me know some of their ideas, including how to access the rec center, such as a key card, or having a rec center board that all had keys. With that information I started using a CAD program to create models of what the combination of everyone’s  ideas would look like. Most of the community had ideas that would make sense to be in a Rec Center/Family Fun Center. I made a model with a weight room, arcade, snack bar, lounge area, video game area, and a kids’ play area. 

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The other model is the same basic design, but replaces the weight room with a mini golf area.

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At first I didn’t want to learn how to use a CAD program but once I started using it everything was turning out great! I learned how easy it was to draw to scale, to add features, and even put images and text in. It was awesome to be able to show people the 3-D walk-through of the finished designs.

This summer I made three goals: communication, leadership, and networking.  My communication goal was to ask four questions a day. I met that goal and I feel as if it is already helping me with my communication skills.  I plan to continue leading this project in the future which will help me with my leadership skills. I have continued to attend meetings with adult leaders in my community, region, and state throughout this internship and that has helped me with expanding my professional network.

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Ogallala Commons is a great opportunity to make great connections and get a head start on whatever career you want to pursue. I would encourage anyone to try doing this internship so they can see what a great organization Ogallala Commons is.

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