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Experiences Now and Many More to Come: Blog 2


The Ogallala Aquifer serves millions of people everyday. In the last few weeks I have discovered just how diverse the people are who care about for the Ogallala and the precious water it provides. My internship with Stewarding Our Aquifer has been an exciting few weeks so far of brainstorming ideas and contacting people in a vast variety of fields to get there understanding of the aquifer and water conservation in order for my blog to be educational, enlightening, bring awareness to in my opinion our most vital natural resource. I am very excited to be discussing the Ogallala artists, farmers, entrepreneurs, corporate companies and what seems like everything in between. I am also creating blogs about these people where we discuss stewardship, ways to conserve, as well as the overall importance of the aquifer for our current and future generations. Going out in the work field with companies like Talon LPE and Texas Alliance for Water Conservation will give me a hands on experience with environmentalists and conservationists. Starting this conversation has already shown me how many people and users of the aquifer want to ensure its use for many years to come. My blog posts will also include diy and water saving tips to inform readers on ways to create sustainable housed that are water conscious. Our Ogallala connects us together similar to a patriotism. We rely on its product even more than we realize. It my hope that through my blogs about stewardship, more people will be mindful of the Ogallala and that Stewarding Our Aquifer stars the conversation in households from Texas to South Dakota and beyond.

Creating an educational water cycle for children for upcoming blog post.


Constructing a DIY Rain Barrel for blog post project.