First off I would like to say thank you Ogallala commons for providing a working environment for me.  My job has had many ups and downs but  mostly ups. As I  look back on my journey from start to finish it was incredible.  In the orientation at the beginning of the summer I’ve learned three key assets. Communication, Commonwealth, and networking. In the workforce I have noticed that communication is one of the biggest things that make a company a success. Also Commonwealth has taught me to open up My eyes and look around. I have paid more attention to my community. Networking, networking has taught me so many things. I have made so many connections just by getting to know different people. In my job I have met So many people that I didn’t even know were in my town. My job consisted of taking YSI samples of the water. YSI Tells us the specific conductivity, pH, and tendency of the water. Also this summer we took water samples from over 50 fields from Lajunta clear to McClave. Also we have taken soil samples from many different fields and sent them off to the lab to be analyzed.  I was able to sit and listen to two board meetings during the summer. It gave me a little taste of  The adult life style.  Also a big highlight of the summer working for lower Arkansas Valley water Conservancy District was getting to fly the drone. We would take out this $1200 drone and fly over dry up Crops as well as little ponds. We were able to experience what the fields look like from above.  Also we would use his drone to fly over little tiny islands along the Arkansas Valley River to snap photos of how the water was flowing down the Arkansas and  how the little islands had an impact on the water flow. Due to having experience in this job it has opened up many other opportunities for my future. I know I would like to go into engineering after high school. Before this internship I really didn’t know what engineering was like. Being around engineers sure did change my mind.  Water engineering is so fascinating in so many ways. I have learned so much about water that I did not know about. Like who knew there was a couple different types of water that flows down the same ditches had to be divided up.  I really do think you Ogallala comments for setting up these awesome internships. I would also like to thank all the people of Ogallala comments that make this work. This is been fun! Thank you so much for the great experience!!!

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