End Experience

As I finished the end of my internship, I would like to thank Ogallala Commons for giving me such a great opportunity to do this internship. It has been really fun learning new things and meeting new people. I am so happy to have been able to work with Molly Forman at the AgriLife Extensions Office in Silverton as long as her office in Memphis. I have learned too much about helping her out with different projects and activities. Although I’m sad to not be able to work with her for now, I am glad that I got a great experience throughout this wonderful opportunity. For my internship, I had the pleasure of working with our Briscoe and Hall County 4-H Agent. There wasn’t a day that we weren’t doing something we were always on the move that we were never in the office. Some days we were planning for 4-H camps at the Caprock Canyons or Roaring Springs. I never realized how much Molly did and sometimes I didn’t even know how she did it but she did. During the first month or so, we would travel to Amarillo and Canyon for camps, meetings and help out at the Horse Show in Canyon. Once July came around, every week we would head to the Memphis office to do some surveys and to attend an exercise class for senior citizens. It was great to be able to talk to them and do the exercise. I had a lot of fun getting to meet them and talk to them about their families and what they liked to do in their free time. Other days I helped with cooking classes and summer reading programs. That was an amazing opportunity because I got to help cook and get to visit with the kids of the community and find things that they like to do and what they don’t like doing. Every day of my internship was something different, I never had the same thing to do and that’s what I liked best about it. The highlight of this opportunity was getting out of my comfort zone and getting to talk to all these amazing new people.
At the beginning of this Internship, I set 3 goals in leadership, communication, and personal networking. I was never big on goals but the minute I set them and worked to reach them, I found that setting goals are a great opportunity to stick to the things you would like to achieve. I worked hard to be the leader I saw in my advisor. That was my biggest accomplishment, getting to be able to lead the summer reading program was great and I loved doing it. I also wanted to expand my communication skills because I am a shy person when it comes to meeting new people but I had the opportunity to meet and communicate with several new people because I had to assist other agents in several things; for example, I had to assist Molly’s co-worker, Mason Carter, in the Record Book judging, and we were split up so that all the agents got to work with others from the other several County Agents there. So that was a great way to get out of my shy zone and open up. Lastly, I was pleased to have expanded my networking, I was able to get along with all co-workers and other agents around the area. Getting to work with them was fun and amazing and there was never a dull moment with them.
Again I would like to thank Ogallala Commons for giving me this amazing opportunity to get to do this internship, It was a lot of fun and I hope to do it again next summer!

This was during one of our Summer Reading Programs.
This was taken during our Caprock Canyons camp.

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