Emily Heitschmidt’s 2nd Blog Post

When I first applied for the Ogallala Commons internship, I had no idea what was in store for me. First, our internship coordinators met with us to establish the rules and expectations of our internship. After we had the first few meetings to organize the general internship basics, we were assigned our specific positions. I was given the job of creating a map of the town of Nazareth and organizing the recognition of the underappreciated members of the community. Creating the community map was my first assignment to work on. There had been a map that had been made previously a few years back, but the names were too small to read, and some of the names had changed due to people moving in and out of town. This old map was also not available to the public, and we decided that the new map should be. I was given a poster board with the most recent town map on which I based my work. After brainstorming ways to create the new map, I decided that Microsoft excel would be the most efficient and effective program to use. I laid out the town in sections, and I typed out all of the names of the people who currently live in the given area. My other assignment is “community recognitions.” The goal of this assignment is to bring attention to the people in the Nazareth community who have contributed to the town, such as through donations or community service. All in all, this internship has been a great experience, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I have spent working this summer.



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