Darrian Lambert

Hello, my name is Darrian Lambert and I’ll be doing an internship with Ogallala Commons. This is my first internship with Ogallala Commons, and I am excited to be working with them. I am currently twenty-two years old, and I am the eldest of five siblings. Our family has three cats, four dogs, numerous fish, and a bearded dragon. I currently attend West Texas A&M University where I am working towards a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems. I have worked at United Supermarkets for five years and worked as an assistant produce manager there for the last two years. In high school, I have also done an internship with the PRO program where I worked at Amarillo College doing work in graphic design.

I will be doing an internship involving web development. The overall objective of the project in this internship is to add two interactive maps to the website. The first will show the locations of all the internships supported by Ogallala Commons. The Second will show the locations of the local food sourcing done by Ogallala Commons. Like with most projects, I will need to be sure that I am communicating so that the final project turns out as intended. I will make sure that I provide frequent updates on progress and complications throughout the project to limit the chances of miscommunication. 

The Professional goal I have for my internship is to have both maps finished and on the website by the end of the internship. There will be many challenges and learning opportunities in getting this project completed, but I am determined to see this through. I am excited about this summer’s internship. I look forward to working with Ogallala Commons, learning about my community, working on this project, and seeing the project when it is finished.

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