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Concordia’s Commonwealth

There are 12 key assets of commonwealth. The most apparent ones to me in my community is Sense of Place, Foodshed, and Renewable Energy. Sense of Place is very apparent to me for my home town because I grew up there. There are many things that I see in my town that just make it feel like home. One is that our town has the longest brick mural in the United States. This brick mural is called “The Whole Wall Mural”. Along with this brick mural we have Highway 81 going through our town. When coming into Concordia there is a stop light at the very edge of town by our Walmart. When stopped at this light and seeing the rest of the town behind it gives me the biggest “Sense of Place” feeling. Another key asset that is apparent is Foodshed. Foodshed is an enormous factor for our community since we have a lot of people that farm. Farming is huge in our area. Even in the surrounding towns of Concordia there a lot of farmers. Whenever you drive on the outside of Concordia and surrounding towns there are always crop fields. The last key asset that is the most apparent is Renewable Energy. We have a lot of windmills around our town. We have a community college that lets people get degrees in wind energy. There are even windmills that power the college. It’s normal to see fields of wind mills when your driving about. There are more key assets apart of Concordia, but these are the most apparent. Pictured above is “The Whole Wall Mural” and windmills beside Highway 81.