Community Service Projects

One of the greatest renewable resources that the mid-plains has to offer would be our people. This area is known for it’s kind and helpful people who would give the shirt off their backs to someone in need. Many of the services that this area and it’s local governments provide are in need of manpower to make it work, this is the importance of community service. Without people willing to give their time and energy to programs that benefit the less fortunate and the community at large, nothing would ever get done. There are many programs and events that need the help of the community, and I was able to volunteer at two different locations, the Swisher County Picnic and the Meals on Wheels program in Tulia.

I was able to help with the setup and execution of the Swisher County Picnic in many ways. One of my jobs was to spread flyers throughout the county to businesses that would support the picnic. Another job that I was to help with was chopping onions for the brisket dinner to be had on the 18th of July. We chopped so many that my hands smelled like onions for days! My last and longest job was to gather ice for the “Tea Wagon,” which took all week to gather so much ice. I enjoyed most of the work I did toward the picnic, and especially enjoyed being able to see the final product which consisted of a lot of smiling faces having fun.

Cutting Onions for the Picnic
My other Community service project was to help deliver meals to elderly people in the community of Tulia with the Meals on Wheels program. This job was very satisfying, given that I got to work with some great people and the ones receiving the meals are always very grateful. One thing you have to realize though, is that most of these people come from a low income background and you will see (and smell) some of the affects of that, including the sad situations of people in poor health who continue to worsen because of tobacco and alcohol use. Overall though, it is a good experience to have.

One of the meals to be delivered, consisting meat, vegetables, bread, milk and a desert
Such experiences not only teach people responsibility, but also compassion in many cases. Years of picking up trash from the side of the highway has instilled in me the importance of not littering. Many similar lessons can be taught to the youth of our society through these programs and community service opportunities.

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