Community Service Part II

For my community service during my second internship I chose to work with habitat for humanity again. The reason I chose them is because since the first time that I worked with them I was amazed at how much they accomplish each day to get homes to people in need. Since the last time that I had been there, they had completed four new homes in that location with people already moving in. One of the best things was that companies that sponsor Habitat for Humanity also help give back by sending their employees to work a few days out of the year to help. I have seen multiple banks go along with oil and mineral resource workers. This time, I took my boyfriend with me and together we insulated all the interior walls along with the crawlspace and finished more than what was planned for that day. Some of the challenges that we had were that the insulation was extremely itchy along with the difficulty in reaching certain spaces. Through working with Habitat for Humanity, I have learned about the importance of aspects of the construction that I hadn’t thought about before such as insulation and the amount of precision work that some of it takes. As another part of my community service I worked collecting food for the church’s food bank. For the past few weeks, my boyfriend’s church has been holding a food drive for the week of Thanksgiving. I went through to the grocery store to find items that may assist a family during that time.Picture1 Picture2

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