Community Service

By: Emily Gamble

I have done a lot of community service in the past due to 4-H so sometimes it is hard to find something new to try. For my community service, I chose to volunteer at the High Plains Food Bank Distribution Center in Quitaque tx. I also helped at the rodeo cleanup for the Briscoe County Celebration. At the food distribution, you go and unload all the palates and crates that the food truck brings. After unloading all the palates you go through them and separate them into their designated sections. As well as removing any bad items and disposing of them. After all the items are put away you line up in an assembly line fashion to start packing the homebound fresh boxes. The homebound boxes are prepackaged boxes that go to anyone in need who cannot get their own groceries. The same goes for the homebound fresh boxes except they are packaged from the fresh produce and items received at the center. After lining up you go through and grab a few things of each item whether that be fruit, bread, a treat, or countless other options. After you fill your box you place it in a pile for the certain town it is going to. After all the boxes are packed and the food is organized you load them into the pickups or trailers for them to be taken to the community they are going to. After all of that is done which usually takes 2-3 hours you either stay and help than at the distribution center or you can go back to your community and help at your center. I helped deliver the homebound boxes to the people they go to and helped at the fire station which is where our community has its center. The next thing that I did for community service was the rodeo cleanup. I helped clean the grounds which consisted of picking up all the trash and making it look presentable. After we finished that I helped clean the bathrooms and restocked them. I also helped put up everything that was needed around the arena. I did not get many photos of these as I was doing so much.

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