Community Service

My community service was Meals on Wheels.  It is a service through the Senior Citizens Organization that provides meals to seniors who are unable to get out or their house or struggle with day to day activities.  My first day I was not sure what to do at the center.  The ladies who run the center quickly put me to work loading the vans with the meals.  I was amazed at how many meals Tulia delivers everyday.  After we were loaded, we started our route.  I had a list of names and what type of meal they were to receive.  I had to be careful because some of the customers were diabetic and there were special desserts for them.  I also learned to hold in the van and hold meals because these drivers didn’t mess around during delivery.  It was neat to see the smile on their faces when I rang the doorbell and gave them their food.  I felt really good knowing that today I made a small difference in someone’s life.  I had heard of Meals on Wheels, but did not realize the impact this community service has on the seniors of our community.  My most challenging part of this service is not knowing the patrons I was delivering to.  I feel that if this was something I need on a daily basis, I would really get to know those who I was delivering to.  This has been one of my most favorite and memorable community service projects I have ever been involved in.  I am going to try and fit this service into my schedule in the future because I feel that it is an important service.  I have grandparents in their 80s and I hope that if they ever need this service that it will be there for them.  

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