Community Service

For my community service, I served breakfast to raise money for the track fund and I played and served food at a community baseball game. At the breakfast, I helped set up all of the food and drinks and served pancakes to people who came to eat. I served food for two hours and I had fun with the other volunteers.

Later that evening, I went to a baseball game and played with community members. I brought some food and helped serve people some food. I played baseball for two hours and then it started to rain so the baseball game was canceled. I didn’t play a whole lot but I had fun with the other people who played baseball that evening.

For the rest of my community service hours I will be helping out with the county’s fair. The fair takes place this next week and I will work at some game booths to help out the carnival staff. The money that is raised at the game booths will go towards the Stuco and NHS funds at my high school. I will be working at the quarter toss game booth where people try to throw a quarter into bowls that are moving in circles to win money back. I will also be serving at the milk toss game booth where people get two baseballs and try to knock down three milk bottles.

I chose these community service projects because they helped out things I care about. I want the track fund to reach it’s goal so the school can get a new track and I like playing baseball. I chose to work those booths at the fair because I am in Stuco and NHS and I want to help raise money for those groups.

The easiest part of the community service projects that I did so far was working together well with the people. I’ve had fun with the people on the projects I have done. I imagine the hardest part of my community service projects will be working at the fair. Fair is always such a busy week and it will be a little challenging to manage all of the times and things that I have to do this week. It will also be hard because I will have to work the whole time and I will have no time to actually enjoy the fair.

Me working at the Stuco milk toss game.
Me working at the Stuco milk toss game.
Me still working at the Stuco milk bottle toss game
Me still working at the Stuco milk bottle toss game

I’m still looking forward to working the fair though because I know I will have fun and make the best of it.

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