Community Service

In this internship, I have learned that one of the most important impacts on the community is giving back. You can do this by donating time, money, or products you no longer need or use. For my ten hours of community service, I worked at the First Baptist Church’s Vacation Bible School program and volunteered to help with the Aaron Ross Annual Bike Ride.

Vacation Bible School was held by the First Baptist Church the week of June 16 – 20. The Bible School is a summer program for children preschool through 6th grade. In this program, the children learn about the Bible and are also taught how to respectively interact with others. When I volunteered, I helped with the third and fourth grade group. I assisted by handing out snacks at snack time, teaching songs during music time, teaching the children how to play games during rec. time, and assisting with lessons during lesson time. This experience taught me how to better interact with children and spread God’s Word


The Aaron Ross Annual Bike Ride is an annual ride in remembrance of Aaron Ross, a student who lost his life riding his bike home. The money earned at the ride is given as a scholarship each year to a few choice seniors who apply. During the bike ride, I assisted by handing riders food and drink on their bikes, holding bikes, and taking pictures of the ride for the Amarillo paper. I have helped with the ride the past three years and hope to help in the future as well. This experience has taught me that even when someone is gone, they are not forgotten and no matter how small you are, you can make an impact.


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