Community Service

   In order to complete my second internship, I am required to complete ten hours of community service, which was a blessing in disguiseSince I have lived in Tulia my whole life, this community has done countless number of things that has benefited me throughout my childhood. I did various of services in my community that allowed me to gain more of a connection with my hometown and the opportunity to give back. My first hour was completed through cleaning tables and washing dishes after a meal at the Ogallala Commons Orientation in the beginning of June. My next hour was concluded at the Picnic parade in my hometown. Every year Tulia hosts a parade on the last day of the Picnic celebration. The parade consists of tractors, floats, and horses all partaking in the celebration of the birth of Swisher County. I assisted by hanging signs on the floats for the Man of the Year, Women of the Year, etc.  My final eight hours were finished through Meals on Wheels. This organization delivers meals to the elderly and handicapped who are not able to cook for themselves. I helped deliver the meals to the houses of these people in my community, but I strived to give them more than just a meal. Because I may have been the only face they see that day, I made sure to take a minute to talk to each person. The most challenging part of obtaining community service was finding time to complete these hours. The best part was getting the privilege to give back to my community. This experience made a huge impact by opening my eyes to all the different things citizens make time for to give back to the community, and I am so glad I got to be a part of it. 

Picture 1: I am delivering a meal on my usual route for Meals on Wheels.

Picture 2: The 2018 Swisher County Picnic parade.

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