Community Service


 My community service varies and goes in many different directions all the way from teaching as a leader to being there just as a helper.  I personally love the idea of community service.  My favorite part about it is when I help in our community I feel as if I am being given the opportunity to give back to my community.  Throughout growing up, the community of Goodland has supported me on a variety of different occasions.  The first part of community service I did was teaching cheer members how to do our Goodland High School cheers very proudly.  The spirit Goodland has is unbelievable and I am very thankful that I have the opportunity not only to be one but to train others to also be crowd engaging, spirit loving, and most importantly a role model.  The next piece of community service I do is in 4-H.  4-H is my absolute favorite.  This organization has opened many doors for me since age 7 to now.  In 4-H I learned how to cook, sew, craft, photograph, show livestock, be a leader, and much more!  I am a 4-H ambassador and have been for two years.  As an ambassador, I get to help with the “behind the scenes.”  I along with my fellow ambassador committee get to plan the big 4-H fair parade that Goodland has every year.  The 4-H parade day is magical.  I love seeing all the smiling young faces, the floats, tractors, cars, and you name it, it’s probably there and will definitely warm your heart.   Alongside helping as an ambassador I also teach a class.  My class is a way for members to learn how to model and go through questions in the style review.  The reason I go different ways in my community service is that I want to impact all types of people in our community.  Community service impacted me the most by letting me see the reactions of excited others.  My networking goal of building relationships, communication goal of approaching people, and SMART goal are all being bettered during my time of community service with other community members.  Leadership is the main skill I have shown throughout my volunteer time.  One thing all people should remember is the service you do for your community shouldn’t be a hassle it’s the one thing that should bring joy to your heart.

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