Community Service!!

image        Hey Everyone!!

” We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” – Winston Churchill. Community service means quite a lot to me, being able to give back to the town and its people just really warms my heart. I had a wonderful time giving back to the town by working at the Tulia Annual Picnic. Watching all of my friends and their families come out and support this event was just amazing. Making posters, decorating the 4 – H parade float, and serving the senior citizens their plates and drinks were some of my favorite acts for the community. One of my most resent community service acts was making heart pillows for the Inside Out Foundation. The heart pillows help ladies coming through “hard times” to remember that they are still loved and people still care about them.  I love helping the Inside Out Foundation because, as a woman I understand and see all the hardships that we go through. It’s really important that we show support and not let these types of foundations go unnoticed.

Kids in our generation don’t show attention to community service unless they’re forced to. If we could just get a lot of teenagers and adults to come together as one and make change happen I believe our world would become more peaceful and happy. People talk about how horrible our community is and how things aren’t getting done, but they’re not doing anything to change it. If more kids put more effort into Community Service our world would be a better place.

When I am doing community service it makes me feel good knowing that I can make a change to my community to be a better place. These are just some of the reasons that Community Service is important to me.


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