Community Service

For my community service, I participated in one of Lubbock’s many Blood Drives. In taking part in the blood drive, it consisted of lots of communication with many of Lubbock’s citizens as well as lots of community assistance.  I was able to engage in quite a bit, such as passing out snacks, making sure all volunteered donors had exactly everything they needed before donating, as well as making sure they felt comfortable in the environment. The best part about volunteering in helping the local blood drive was that I was able to see the many people who were there to donate to save a life; it was also a great experience for me because I am planning on going into the medical field. The most challenging part was seeing that some were not eligible to donate do to either low iron, health issues, or just not meeting the requirements for donation. I was able to gain experience from the entire program from the communication background, as well as the medical part. The medical part as in making sure all levels of each volunteer checked out to meet the correct levels in order to participate, as well as understanding the process taken in retrieving the amount of blood needed. This impacted my life tremendously because it gave me the experience with both the community and the designated field I am looking to enter. Also, during my community service, I helped assist in some of the many activities that were provided for the children, such as the bounce house and the fishing games. I also helped fill the tin cans with water and nice, making sure all participants and visitors stayed hydrated; I also helped pick up trash following the entire drive. Overall, it was a great experience to handle, even though some of the tasks were tough, it was such an educational program to participate in and I would recommend others to volunteer in helping.  Find the Heros UBS

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