Community Outreach

For my community service project, I had the opportunity to do two separate acts in both Canyon and Tulia. In Canyon, I was able to work the Texas Cattle Feeders Association (TCFA) Feedyard camp that West Texas A&M University helps put on every year. During this camp WT and TCFA both work together to provide knowledge and some background about feedyards to campers, even having campers take tours of both Champion Feeders in Hereford and WT’s own feedyard at Nance Ranch. Along with the Feedyard tours, students were also taken on tours of Tyson meat processors and given a demonstration of a Necropsy performed to determine the cause of death in an animal. With management being the primary focus of this camp, the campers were taught proper dinner etiquette and the appropriate times to dress for professional, business casual, and casual events. 

The second project was in Tulia, where I helped with Meals on Wheels. During this time, I packed, sorted, and delivered meals to elederly people in the community. I learned that most of the individuals were very grateful for the effort and care that the workers and cooks put in for them. I was told that I might be the only person that individualbwoulenseentyatndqy, so I made sure to be extroverted and talk as long as they wanted. Everyday I helped deliver, I was with a new driver who completed the route a little different from the last. Learning about the drivers and their past was very interesting and insightful to me.

 I learned useful information through these two wonderful opportunities that helped the community, but ultimately they helped me grow as an individual. If anyone asked me if community service makes a difference, I would for sure be an advocate for strong community outreach.

On the Tulia route to deliver Meals on Wheels.
Dr. Dan Posey teaching campers about a necropsy.

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