Commonwealth in My Community: Marcus Collins

One example of my community commonwealth is the education that our school has to offer here in Floydada, Texas. The way education is here in my town tells me that in the past the people of my community always cared about how we learn. It also tells me that we have a very bright future for our town because our community believes in each other. Education contributes to the quality of life because the more you know the better you will be and the more successful you will be. Education is already making an impact on our town so I think if the town gives us more opportunities in education it will always be a good outcome.

Another example of my community’s commonwealth is the popularity of pumpkins. Floydada is the pumpkin capital and pumpkins are sent everywhere from here which has an enormous impact on the community. This asset contributes to the pulse of life in my community because it always brings everybody together during the fall to celebrate Halloween. 

Having this opportunity to bring the community together to celebrate pumpkin days tells me that my community really cares about its past and future impacts that it has on the world. The pumpkins also enrich my community because it brings in more people from all over the world to come to buy pumpkins. Overall, these are the two major assets of my community and are the most important to my community as well.

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