Commonwealth in Hays

Without a sense of of caring, there can be no sense of community

Anthony J D’Angelo

Upon reflecting of the commonwealth located throughout the Hays area, I found many examples to highlights.

Education & Renewable Energy

The beautiful Fort Hays State University is located as the heart of Western Kansas. The unique aspect of FHSU is that they also utilize wind turbines, located just west of campus, that powers much of the needed energy throughout the ever-expanding campus. The renewable energy for FHSU is vital in keeping the tuition low for students interested in living and studying in Western Kansas. Many values of Hays and Western Kansas are represented through initiatives of growth, community, and hard work. Life is just a little slower here in Hays and often the members of this community care just a little more for one another. I am proud of the accomplishments and drive that our small community of Hays has. It takes great care and responsibility to achieve the progress our town has. 

History & Arts/Culture

Hays creates new infrastructure, art, and performances while remembering the unique history of Old Fort Hays and the Wild West that Hays once was. The Hays Symphony is an iconic part of the art and culture in Hays. Throughout the many seasons of the year, there are 4 annual Art Walks located in Downtown Hays with historic reenactment story-telling of Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Christmas Past events hosted at Old Fort Hays. The 3rd photo is highlighting the brand new Center for Art and Design on FHSU campus. This state of the art facility boasts a fantastic art gallery. The commonwealth of Hays is cherished as we know these special aspects are the foundation of future projects. 

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