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Amarillo is the 14th most populous city in the state of Texas and is also largest city in the panhandle of Texas.  Amarillo, originally named Oneida was self-proclaimed “helium capital of the world” due to some of the most productive helium fields around.  Amarillo is also known as the “Yellow Rose of Texas” because Amarillo originates from a Spanish base known as yellow. Amarillo is also known for decorate statue horses outside many business.


Health is important to the city of Amarillo because Amarillo holds over hundreds of doctors’ offices, specialty care clinics.  Amarillo is also home to 2 huge hospitals, Northwest Texas Hospital and BSA. Amarillo also houses the Texas Tech physicians building. All healthcare providers in Amarillo offers  many different services ranging from labor and delivery, acute care, emergency departments, pharmacy, home health, urgent care clinics, dentist, optometrist, and cardiologist, just to name a few.


For leisure and recreation Amarillo has many city parks but the main attraction lays in wonderland amusement park and splash- a water park. Splash Water Park has couple of slides, a lazy river, and a wavy pool that is a great place for children and adults of all ages to relax and cool off. Wonderland Park has many rides for all ages. Wonderland is divided in to 2 sections where the front part of the park is for children and as the further you go down the park the rides become more intense. It has 3 water rides and about 6-7 roller coaster rides plus many another simple rides. Amarillo is also known for Cadillac ranch which is where there are about ten Cadillac upside down in the ground, and tourist and locals love to go and spray paint their names all over the cars.


Mostly everywhere you drive in the panhandle you are able to see how the panhandle has started to invest in wind energy. This is renewable energy contributes to domestic power supply in many nearby cities in the panhandle. By investing in wind energy we reduce the amount of fossil fuels released into the environment.


Water cycle in Amarillo is in major trouble right now. Amarillo has been very strict on water use within the city because water Amarillo uses comes from Lake Meredith, and Lake Meredith is running dry due to little to no rain in the panhandle areas. Amarillo now is broadcasting in the news to viewers that if you catch people wasting water with sprinklers, water hose, etc. to call the news people ,and the news goes the businesses and/or houses to bring aware the problem to owners of the property.


Spirituality is very important in Amarillo. As you drive around Amarillo you can see a wide variety of different churches. As a Hindu, Amarillo has a huge community of Indians that is able to go to the IAA building to do our religious ceremonies and prayers. Amarillo has it very own Hindu temple for locals and tourist to visit and pray. For other religions, Amarillo has many churches people can go too, the possibilities are endless.


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