Commonwealth Assets Year 2

To those from bigger cities and other areas of the country, the idea of small town living present in West Texas may seem absurd, or even may give the impression that those living in a small west Texas town are too country or unsophisticated. This notion that some may or may not have, is far from the truth; the people in these small rural communities are very alike to anyone else, but very much unlike anyone in a positive way. Much of the time, these people have multiple jobs in life, and put on multiple “hats” for what they do, and this is evident in their resiliency and in the amenities their cities have. I come from one of those small west Texas towns, Muleshoe, Texas; with a population around 5,000 it may seem like it wouldn’t have much to offer, but in fact, has more than meets the eye.

The town is rich in culture and pays homage to the past with various events and clubs that are centered around these ideas; this is seen in the different art works that are in the town, and the old streets which contain remnants of times that have passed. To the passerby it may seem abandoned and forgotten, but for those who live in the town it is a memory, it is a cherished area that our grandparents and parents grew up with and is engrained into our culture. Religion is one of these influences that is heavily involved in our lives and this can be seen through the numerous churches that have been around for decades and the events they put on for the community.

The smell of manure may turn some away from the town, or give them an upset face; however, for those who live in the area, it is a fact of life, the idea the smell evokes for us is a major resource, Agriculture. Muleshoe has numerous dairies and farmland around it that contribute to the economy. The byproduct of dairies and farming has a large impact on the mineral and soil cycle in the area, due to the crop cycling aspect and the production of manure. Muleshoe is rich with animal life as well even though it may seem to be baron and is also home to a wildlife refuge that contains various birds, mammals, plants and other organisms.

Muleshoe has a lot more to offer than most think and is home to many medical resources as well as an education system and leisure activities. Small town living may seem a bit strange to some, but for many it is what we desire and enjoy. It is engrained into our lives and creates a deep sense of culture and self that lasts with us forever. No matter how far we go, or where life takes us, we always have a part of it with us, and more often than not, run into a familiar face or a memory is sparked in the places we least expect.

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