Commonwealth Assets: Semira Brookins

The twelve commonwealth assets brought many places and opportunities that are available in my community to my recognition. At first, I had a little trouble recognizing these last year with my internship. Now that I’m in my second year of interning I’ve been able to explore my community and experience these.

One of the most important assets to me is Education. I’ve only ever seen the basic ideas of education like elementary, middle, and high school. This is true, but I’ve also seen education production in this internship program. I’ve also learned many things from the people I have worked with. 

Health is next. In my community, we have many options for physical health and fitness. We have Ace’s Gym, Body Tech FitClub, and Tulia Fitness Center, as well as many parks, and our high schools track and field. We also have our local Swisher County Memorial Hospital. We also have our local pharmacy, Moore Than Medicine.

Leisure and Recreation were also pretty interesting to me. Our downtown square was really awesome to see. Especially during this time of year, we call it Picnic Week. Picnic Week is known as Swisher County’s birthday. It’s exciting seeing everything lit up, and all the fun places to eat, and hang out. There are many businesses downtown and restaurants. We also have many parks, and programs that host activities for kids like Swisher County Library. The High School has been hosting some athletic camps, and the Tulia Chamber of Commerce has many activities throughout the year. 

History is also a big thing in town. We have many opportunities for history. We have our Swisher County Library which holds many memorial things, and our Swisher County Museum. We also have a lot of representation through art. Spirituality is also really important. There are many churches in our town, and they host many activities for the youth and adults as well. There are many opportunities for different beliefs. For Renewable Energy, we have a lot of windmills, and you can see a couple of houses with solar panels and individual things like that. 

With Food Shed we have a lot of independent farmers that sell produce. We also have many other opportunities for foodshed such as our grocery store, and other family businesses. For Soil and Mineral Cycle there are many family farms and home gardens. Arts and Culture is all around town. Earlier this summer Tulia Chamber of Commerce hosted an Arts and Craft fair. We also have many murals painted by Alfonso Garcia, and their many Kenneth Wyatt photos all over our town.

Wildlife is everywhere around us. I personally see many Blue Jays from the comfort of my backyard. Besides that, you can see many foxes, and I’ve even seen Mountain Lions. With the Water Cycle there are many Ponds. We’re also very close to McKenzie Lake. Sense of Place is everywhere. Regardless of where you find comfort, there’s something for everyone in Tulia, TX. I personally find my Sense of Place at home, school, and even at work spending time with people I enjoy, and meeting new friends.

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