Commonwealth Assets in Las Animas, CO

Whenever I ask a person from my hometown, Las Animas, about what there is to do here, I usually get the answer of “there’s literally nothing to do here,” or “this is a horrible town, there’s no opportunities for anyone here.” This is a severe problem that I’m sure many other small towns including Las Animas have. There is a mindset here that because there is a low population, the town and/or the county can provide little to its citizens. However, after walking and driving around the town and county, I see that this assumption most everybody makes isn’t quite as right as they put it. In fact, there is at least two or more businesses or people that fit into each of the commonwealth categories. For example, for a sense of place, there is quite a large sense of high school spirit backed up by the community. When our volleyball team qualified for regionals, there was no where a person could go that it wasn’t talked about. Backed up by the large history portion of the county, including the John Rawlings Heritage Center, Bent County Courthouse, Boggsville, and several others, there is always a place to go for the history buffs driving through. For leisure and recreation, there’s the John Martin Reservoir, where one can go tubing, fishing, and most any other water activity. All of these different commonwealth assets come together to create a unique county and town, in which, honestly, I am proud to call home.

So, whenever someone complains about how there’s nothing to do here, I’d like them to think again. Yes, a small town can have its advantages and disadvantages, but it is definitely our hardworking, dedicated people who keep the town alive, and I can’t thank them enough!



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