Commonwealth Assets Exploration

I explored our community in search of commonwealth assets and came up with several that are true assets to our small community. One great assets is our hospital. Our healthcare system serves not only the 3 towns in our county, but provides medical services to other surrounding towns outside of our county. We have 6 caregivers that range from MD’s to nurse practitioners. We also have a hospice, therapy center, and radiology. We also have a home owned pharmacy which makes it convenient for patients here. Another asset is our educational facilities. We have just added on and updated our elementary school and high school. We provide 1 to 1 technology from 6th grade through 12th. The lower grades have access to technology through the classrooms. We keep up-to-date equipment and have Smartboards in every classroom. We have also added turf to our football field and a new basketball practice gym is being built. History plays a big part in our commonwealth especially in our county museum. Replications of buildings from Tulia are in the museum along with clothing, tools and other historical items. Many young kids have come to tour the museum and to learn more about our history. Many tourists and those who have moved off and come home will still tour the museum. I could go on about the assets of our small community, but I feel these are some of the important items that help make our community grow which is good health care, education, and history.

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