Commonwealth Assets

By: Bailee Baggerman

Commonwealth assets are things in a community that make it thrive. There are 12 commonwealth assets that are involved in all communities. These assets are food shed, soil and minerals, wildlife and the natural world, arts and culture, water cycle, sense of place, history, leisure and recreation, health, education, spirituality, and renewable energy. the commonwealth assets affect my community through food shed by the crops and foods that are grown here. Soil and mineral cycle also affect the crops and also help with the water and helps it run its course through the water cycle which also helps the small lakes that supply water to the communities. This also helps the wildlife and animals survive. In my community, we have many different species of animals from farm and ranch animals to squirrels and birds.

My community is also affected by arts, culture, and history. There are many local artists that help teach art and there are many different cultures. History is a huge part of my community. Some examples are the history of the school, bank, and churches. The bank was the first Happy State National Bank to be opened. The school has been making history for years from sports to academics and providing education for the community. The churches have been involved in the community for years and help people get closer to their God. This also leads to a sense of place. The people of my community have been here for years and the community reflects the image of the people in it. The people of my community love the leisure and recreation in our communities like the parks and the school track that is available for the community to walk and run on. There are also many opportunities for renewable energy like wind turbines. The commonwealth assets help my community grow and operate.

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