Commonwealth Assets

During my time of interning for Swisher County AgriLife Extension Office, I have learned that there is an abundance of commonwealth throughout the community. The most striking examples of these wealths in our community to me when doing this project was history and also the presence of education in our county. When you drive through Tulia, one of the first things you notice are the examples of history that the town has. For example, the courthouse has been in Tulia since 1909 (was modernized in 1962), the mile marker is a very unique and symbolic part of downtown being that there are only four structures like it today and only one of two that has not been moved since being placed. 

The strong educational programs we have in Swisher County are not only exemplified by the great schools we have but also the after school programs that we are lucky to have. We are blessed to have great schools such as, Happy ISD, Kress ISD, and Tulia ISD that care for the improvement of their students. 

With the implementation of after school programs, students are allowed to learn more of what interests them and a chance to get involved with their community while gaining knowledge. The outdoor education program is a great example, John Villalba with the Swisher County Extension Office is the one who puts it on. In this program, students learn from local adults and professionals on how to perform outdoor activities such as hunt, fish, and the essentials to being outside safely and effectively. These are just a few of the many commonwealth assets present in Swisher County.

One of Swisher County’s teaching programs, a horse clinic.

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