Commonwealth Assets

At first glance, Lone Tree might look like a typical suburb. Located about a half hour South of Denver, the city off I-25 is a new area providing a place to call home for an increasing Denver population. The history of my city has been passed down to me by my parents, who moved into the area after relocating from the city about 25 years earlier. Now, Lone Tree is a busy city with a full schedule of construction and a constant stream traffic. However, what is now a thriving community, first began as a series of small neighborhoods along the outskirts of an expanding city. My parents point to the opening of Park Meadows Mall as a turning point of population and economic increase. This not only makes me appreciate where I live now, but is a lesson for other communities in how cities can grow over time.

A recent fixture in my community is the Lone Tree Arts Center. The center puts on plays and musicals of both local talent and traveling performers, as well as features works of arts from local artists. Across the street from the arts center is the library. I often stop by to get some work done, and enjoy the nice area provided for our community. The library also has many activities, such as the summer reading program for children. I participated in this activity when I was young, and it did a great job of keeping me away from the TV and got me to read instead. I am very grateful for the opportunities my community provides for me, and am excited to watch my city grow in the upcoming years.

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