Commonwealth Assets


The nature of my internship has allowed me to diversify my knowledge of what it means to be a part of and contribute to a commonwealth. My work at the RMFU Leadership development camps was a perfect example of a miniature commonwealth. Campers and Staff participated in all 12 of the necessary components every day. Our nurse, Kay, was responsible for keeping up the health and well-being of the campers and counselors. We ate foods produced by local foodsheds, cooked from scratch from RMFU board member, Barb Martin. Immediately once campers arrive we begin to establish a sense of place through songs, games, flag raisings/lowerings and the saying of grace. Each of these activities is to build the community in spirituality and leisure. The camp resides in a valley next to a river. Between evening rain showers and the constant rushing of water, one cannot help but appreciate the water cycle in action and the beauty of wildlife. The campers were taught a curriculum focused on the importance of cooperatives and how they can impact renewable energy, and health of the soil,

My work with the RMFU Cooperative Development center has given me access to dozens of cooperatives throughout the great plains and mountain regions, all of which contribute to their local and regional commonwealths. My work with Live Well Colorado and their farmers market Double Up food bucks research have an impact on the health, foodshed, water cycle and wildlife aspects of Colorado. Each of these small farms has a common goal in mind—increase access to healthy, locally grown foods in a way beneficial to both the community and the environment.

I feel I have contributed to the education aspect of my commonwealth by offering my knowledge of social media, video production, and creativity in layout to create new means of engagement and access to information. My community service work with St. Frances Cabrini and the Good Samaritan house have put me in touch with outstanding communities truly focused on the wellbeing of one another.


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